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Download your free copy of The Irish Remembrance Handbook


Posted 12/12/2018

Download your free copy of The Irish Remembrance Handbook to gain insight into how Irish families and communities remember their passed friends.  The book takes you through activities of the modern Irish wake and Irish funeral traditions.  It also looks at the rich traditions of community and storytelling and Ireland's unique way of celebrating life through death.

One in six of us born in Ireland now lives abroad and for many the connection to the homeland is a fundamental part of our makeup.  The Irish Remembrance Handbook discusses some of the many ways you can reconnect with your Irish heritage.

The handbook contains information on:

- The Modern Irish Wake
- Connecting with your Homeland
- How to Bring a Deceased Loved One Home to Ireland
- Irish Funeral Traditions
- Popular Funeral Songs

You can download the PDF Handbook below:

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Irish Remembrance Ebook