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How To Trace Your Irish Roots


Posted 9/07/2019

Researching your ancestry can be tough but the reward is worth the effort. We here at Eternally Irish have partnered with findmypast to make your ancestry journey easier to navigate.  

Many may know the general location of where their family emigrated from but the specific towns and villages that their ancestor’s left behind have been forgotten along the way. You will have heard many stories of what life was like back in Ireland, tales passed down from generation to generation.

It really is worth putting in the time to trace your Irish roots. Knowing more about your family heritage will only deepen your connection to Ireland. If you plan on visiting Ireland at some stage in the future, it would be great to be able to visit your ancestral home.

Findmypast has twice as many Irish records as any other ancestry website. You can use whatever nuggets of knowledge you have to start building your family history. A surname (although not always helpful) or place name should be enough to get you started. The records on findmypast are fantastic and you should be able to dig a bit deeper in to your family history. Of course the end goal of your research is to build out your family tree and find out exactly where your family is from. Many Irish-Americans have also been able to find their long lost relatives still living in Ireland to this day.

This knowledge is a great addition to your life. Imagine making a trip over to Ireland and visiting the small villages and parishes that your family once lived. You can relax in the pub that they once had good times in and revel in family stories with your Irish relatives. This can really bring out your inner Irishness.

If you would to begin your ancestry research journey then there is no better resource than

Once again, best of luck with your research journey!

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