An Eternally Irish resting place...

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Premium Memorial

Lifetime Memorial features:

  • Your loved one's name, date of birth, date of passing & association with Ireland.
  • Receive a personalised Eternally Irish Certificate.
  • Light an Eternally Irish Candle.
  • Locate your loved one's ancestral home and add to Interactive Map of Ireland.
  • Visitors can leave comments or stories about your loved one.
  • Upload your loved one's favourite music from YouTube. 
  • Share your loved one's memorial on Facebook.
Basic Memorial

Eternal Memorial features:

  • Have your loved one's ashes transported to Ireland and scattered at a number of preferred designated areas.
  • Video and photographs of the ceremony will be provided.
  • All of the above Premium Memorial features. 
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* The Lifetime subscription covers membership for a lifetime and is a one-off, non-recurring payment.