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Premium Memorials now only $79.


Posted 15/08/2019

To celebrate two years in business, our Premium Memorials are now only $79. 


Our Premium Memorials allow you to create a unique personal space to reconnect with your Irish roots. Losing a loved one is never easier but sharing your feelings and memories with friends and family can help ease the burden. 

Premium Memorial Features
  • Share available photos, videos and stories with your family and friends.
  • You will receive an Eternally Irish candle and a certificate in memory of your loved one. 
  • Mark your ancestral home on our interactive map of Ireland.

Our memorials are a great way to honour the Irish past of your passed loved one and encourage your family to embrace their Irish heritage in the future. 

Creating a memorial is easy too. 
  1. Create your account.
  2. Set-up a Premium Memorial.
  3. Add stories, videos and photos.
  4. Share with your family and friends.

"Dad emigrated to the US when he was in his 30's, I think he had planned to stay only a couple of years but then he met Mom and his plans changed! We grew up listening to stories about his hometown and all his family and friends in Roscommon. By creating an Eternally Irish memorial we got the opportunity to remember Dad and honor his association with his beloved Ireland." 
- Patrick O'Neill, Pittsburgh, USA

The passing of a loved one is often cause for reflection. It is important that the stories they told are passed down through the generations so your Irish roots aren't forgotten. However for some people those stories are already light on detail and a number of people have got in touch with us to say they would like to know more about their Irish ancestry. 

We have written guides on how to find out more about your Irish family history which you can read here

Likewise, if you would like to sign-up to a 14-day free trial of ancestry research site you can do so via our sign-up link here!

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