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Celebrate the Growing Resurgence of Irish Heritage among Irish-Americans


Posted 10/09/2019

Here at Eternally Irish we have noticed a growing interest in Irish history and heritage among our Irish-American followers. Over 1000 of you downloaded your free copy of the Eternally Irish Remembrance Handbook and thousands more have visited our site this year.

For many years Irish people have been displaced around the world and we have always had a particular affinity with America. Irish men, women and children have been setting sail for America for hundreds of years and Irish-Americans have had a huge impact on American history. Irish-Americans played a key role in the American Labor MovementNASA's Space Race and many other defining moments in American history over the last two centuries. Many of America's 45 Presidents have Irish heritage too. 

There has been a great resurgence of Irish heritage in America. There has been a celebration of sorts. A celebration of Irishness among Irish-Americans today. We have seen Irish memorials pop up across America. Irish-Americans have dedicated memorials to Irish immigrants in Colorado, California, Arizona and New York in recent years. In truth this celebration of Irishness is at the core of the Eternally Irish offering. We want to embrace our Diaspora and help them to reconnect with Ireland. 

You may have read in the Remembrance Handbook and some of our other posts about how Irish people celebrate the life of our loved ones when they have passed. This is a key part of Irish culture. The Eternally Irish Premium Memorial allows you to create a unique space to share memories and stories with family and friends. This is a great way to reconnect with your Irish roots. We will send you an Eternally Irish certificate and light an Eternally Irish candle for your loved one. 

An Eternally Irish Memorial is a great way to reconnect with your Irish heritage. To remember the soil beneath our feet. Recall the unique Irishness within each and every one of us. 

We recently heard from Mary who purchased a memorial. She had a box full of photo albums in her office and didn't know what to do with them, having removed them from her dad's attic upon selling the old farm. She had heard of Eternally Irish through and thought it might be something for her to do one weekend with a few family members. She called around and invited her siblings and cousins over for brunch. The rest of the weekend involved telling stories by the fire, plenty of food and beverages, reminiscing about that crazy aunt or uncle or talking lovingly about Grandpa Pat and Ma. Everyone was given the task of taking 5 photos of 1 relative, using Canva to touch up the photo if necessary and creating an Eternally Irish memorial. Then each person had to upload a comment or story to each respective memorial. 1 fun weekend and 5 memorials later! Why not to do the same with your family soon? 

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