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Find Out More About Your Irish Family History


Posted 30/07/2019

33 million Americans have Irish ancestry. This includes former Presidents John F. Kennedy, Barack Obama and Ronald Reagan and famous celebrities like Conan O'Brien, Robert De Niro, Aidan Quinn, Alicia Keys and Jason Kidd. 

If you are following Eternally Irish, you more than likely are interested in your Irish heritage too. Here in Ireland we are very proud of our Irish Diaspora. Irish-Americans have taken a keen interest in their Irish heritage and we are equally as interested in finding out more about our relatives who made the trip across the Atlantic many years ago. 

There is some great resources to research your Irish ancestry online. You have probably read some of our previous blogs with guides and tips on how to research your Irish ancestry. You can put those tips into practice to find out more about your Irish family history. 

You might be lucky enough to know your family story. Maybe your great-grandmother emigrated from County Galway and met your Dublin-born great-grandfather in New York before settling down. Some may not be so lucky. The specifics of your Irish heritage may have been lost between generations. Stories become less detailed as the years go by. 

If you're looking to strengthen your connection to Ireland it is worth putting in the effort to find out more about this missing information. A better understanding of your Irish heritage can open up new experiences and strengthen your own sense of identity. 

Sites like FindMyPast will help you research your Irish past. You will be able to search through Irish records to find out more about your ancestors. If you're lucky you may even be able to make contact with long-lost relatives still living here on the Emerald Isle. 

More and more people have caught the genealogy bug. We sponsored the The Genealogy Event in New York and Adare and met some wonderful people.

If you would like to find out more about your Irish family history then we recommend using We get a referral fee from FindMyPast which helps us out but we recommend them because they have the largest collection of Irish records out of any ancestry site. 

Best of luck with you research!

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