An Eternally Irish resting place...

About Eternally Irish

With generations of personally caring for loss, Eternally Irish was developed from supporting the bereaved borne with the belief that...

"A feeling, that giving a little more will always make it a little easier"

Eternally Irish - An Eternally Irish resting place...

This has allowed us to create a very personal, private and special place where you can express your feelings. For years we the Irish as a race have become displaced through war, poverty and our wonderful instinctive drive to seek better. This sadly has resulted in disconnection for many of our Irish families from their native soil.

At Eternally Irish we want to nurture a new approach, we want to embrace all of our Diaspora and reconnect the amazing Irishness within all of us. This is a coming home, so to speak where we can hang our caps and our aprons on the back of the kitchen chair calling it home. It will be a space to remember the soil gently beneath our feet and recall the unique smell of the moisture in the air that is truly, truly Ireland.

A place to share and support each other for the rest of our lives.

Our Eternally Irish memorials offer you the choice of creating a truly unique personal space. It allows reconnection of your personalised Irish roots and can be developed to a level that has a never-ending capacity to add on memories.