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Below is a selection of testimonials from people who have created memorials for their loved ones on Eternally Irish.

A proud Irish man

Dad emigrated to the US when he was in his 30's, I think he had planned to stay only a couple of years but then he met Mom and his plans changed! We grew up listening to stories about his hometown and all his family and friends in Roscommon. By creating an Eternally Irish memorial we got the opportunity to remember Dad and honor his association with his beloved Ireland.

- Patrick O'Neill, Pittsburgh, USA

Uncovered tributes

I have really enjoyed reading through all the comments and tributes that people have left, they have given us great insight into Dad's life. If it wasn't for the Eternally Irish website we may have never discovered them...

- Paul Duffy, Essex, UK

A satisfying experience

I stumbled across this site and created a memorial for my Grandfather who was born in Co. Cork. I found it very satisfying creating his memorial and adding his memory to the rest of the people contained within the other memorials...

- Steve Harris, Kentucky, USA

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