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St. Patrick's Day Traditions & Events


Posted 14/03/2019

Eternally Irish takes a look at some of traditional St. Patrick's Day events in Ireland and abroad. We also look at modern events such as the St. Patrick's Festival held in Dublin every year. A wonderful celebration of Irish tradition and our modern culture. Read more ›

A History of Irish Graveyards


Posted 20/02/2019

One of the best ways to gain an insight into Ireland’s wonderful history is through our country’s graveyards.  Ireland’s graveyards are some of the country’s most interesting and most visited sites.
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US Presidents That Visited Ireland


Posted 16/02/2019

Ireland has been visited by seven U.S Presidents, dating all the way back to Ulysses S. Grant in 1879.  The White House has been home to many men with Irish roots. The great building itself was designed by an Irish architect emphasising how intertwined the two countries are. Read more ›

Irish Emigration - Why the Irish Left for the United States


Posted 1/02/2019

Throughout history the Irish have been drawn the United States. This article covers the different reasons why people left Irish shores to journey across the Atlantic from the days of Oliver Cromwell to today's Silicon Dock. Read more ›

Irish Funeral Guide for People Not of Irish Descent


Posted 29/01/2019

Many Americans, be it those with no Irish connections who are married to an Irish person who may have parents or relatives back in Ireland or second generation Irish who may be flying to Ireland for the first time for their grandparents funeral will find an Irish funeral a unique experience. Read more ›

Ireland's Ancient Burial Sites from Ireland's Ancient East


Posted 26/01/2019

It is only when you come from far away and set foot on the east coast of Ireland do you truly feel the echoes of time. For many, people who live in places like County Meath, ancient monuments have faded into the "everyday." For somebody coming to Ireland on a flight from JFK, O'Hare or Logan airports they are transported back to an ancient time thousands of years ago. Read more ›

Download your free copy of The Irish Remembrance Handbook


Posted 12/12/2018

The Eternally Irish team have developed The Irish Remembrance Handbook to help Irish abroad reconnect with Irish culture and traditions. Read more ›

Eternally Irish sponsor The Genealogy Event in Adare and New York


Posted 20/11/2018

The Eternally Irish team recently visited New York again to attend The Genealogy Event, which took place in Pier A, Battery Park with a fitting view of Ellis Island. Read more ›

Adrian Flannelly of Irish Radio Network USA interviewed Tony Williams, owner of Eternally Irish 


Posted 20/06/2018

Dr. Tony Williams, Psychotherapist and Counsellor is proprietor of Dignity Funeral Homes, Portumna, Co. Galway and the founder of Eternally Irish was recently interviewed by Adrian Flannelly of Irish Radio Network USA.  Read more ›